How to Care for Your Succulents

How to Care for Your Succulents

Plants are the easiest way to make a house feel like home. But caring for them can be harder than it looks.

I love succulents and cacti because they are all so unique. There are so many different variations and they add a really cool and curated look to your home. They also make for a great gift!

While they are known for being low-maintenance plants, there's definitely a science to keeping succulents alive. I've owned my fair share of cacti and succulents over the years and have learned a few tricks to keep them healthy and fresh all season long.

Start with the green

Caring for succulents starts with choosing the right one. The more lush and green your plant, the greater the chances of it surviving and living a longer life. Any plants with a gray, purple or blue tint may take some extra TLC to survive indoors.

Let the Light in

First things first: Succulents will not stay alive in dark spaces nor should they be kept in direct sunlight. Even though they originate from the desert, your plants can actually burn in the midday sun. Keep your plants on a windowsill or side table in your home to ensure that your plant gets just enough light to stay healthy. If you're really dedicated, you can buy a grow light!

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How much water to give your plants depends on the season. In the warmer months, your plants are growing and will need more water and nutrients in order to flourish. But when it's colder, your succulents will go into a dormant phase and need a lot less water. You should water your succulents once a week with about a cup of water, making sure the soil is moist throughout. Be careful not to overwater your plants, as too much water can be bad for them. I like to keep a plant mister around so I can give them a little spritz during the week. This brass option makes for pretty decor, too!

Pots + Planters

Your pot can also have a big impact on how much your succulent grows. Make sure to plant your succulents and cacti in a pot with a drainage hole in the bottom. While it might be in style to use a tea cup, mason jar or other DIY planter, it's not the best for keeping your plant alive. It's also important to re-pot your succulents once they start getting a little too big for their planter. They need room to grow!

personal Space

Just like people, plants need their breathing room. Give them enough space to flourish and grow. Succulents can grow well in a more compact space when outdoors, but when indoors, it's best to keep them a little further apart so they can get the most sunlight.

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The extras

Your succulents need love and attention in order to grow to their full potential. Pay attention to how they are growing and tend to them all differently. Some succulents are low-maintenance and might not need as much light or water, while others will require a bit more TLC. 

What tips do you have for growing indoor plants? 

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